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Danish born singer and producer Rasmus Bom Andersen came to London in 2005 seeking a higher education in music.


After 3 years of studying at LCM in West London Rasmus now specialises in vocals and performance, but also works in music production and composition. Musically he works with many styles, but has hard rock in his bones and shines through in loud and heavy music.


In 2014 Rasmus was approached by the legendary NWOBHM metal band Diamond Head to audition and join the band on a trial tour. This lead to him becoming the band’s third singer and resulted in a new self-titled album, on which Rasmus wrote all the song melodies and lyrics and two full orchestral feature tracks. The album has been a sensational success, generating new UK, European and North American tours for Diamond Head.

Currently when Rasmus is not on tour he works as a producer with several clients and as the audio production supervisor and composer for the audio fitness adventure Apocalypse Survival Training.