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First Video is up!

The first of a few videos is now up online on the Youtube channel. Its a special day as its the anniverssary of the death of my most admired rock vocalist Chris Cornell. I have come together with some friends to pay tribute to my hero and hope to have done justice to his awe inspiring vocals. Please subscribe to the channel if you like what you hear and you can look forward to more vocal videos going up in the future.. #noonesingslikeyouanymore #chriscornellforever #soundgarden #heroes #tribute #rawpower #rawvocals #neverforgotten #shadesofblack #rustycage

Youtube Channel!

Hey all vocal freaks out there. So with this lockdown it seems that everyone has more time on their hands and figuring out how this reality works. With everything very much turning to the wonderful world wide web and going online with whatever it is they do then Raw Vocals might as well jump on the wagon too. There will be content coming out during 2020 with everything from screaming vocal techniques and ethos to Studio life and touring. There is something else coming first though and the first teaser is online now on the youtube channel :) Subscribe, stay tuned and have a great whatever you are doing!


The Coffin Train Singles

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