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Sheena Ladwa, Director, Ultimate Artists


Rasmus is not only an exceptional singer, communicator, and educator but he is an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Ultimate Artists has worked with Rasmus to deliver masterclasses within the vocal module of our Artist Development programme, and what became apparent very early on is that he completely understood what we were looking for. He worked to brief and delivered sessions that every artist engaged with and found helped them in one way or another. He listened to our requirements and has shown his brilliance time and time again. 

We will most definitely be working with Rasmus in the future.

Jennifer Diehl - Fire Red Empress

Professional Vocalist, Songwriter

I’ve been singing in rock/metal bands for more than ten years and this kind of vocals needs a very special kind of training to keep your voice healthy. It’s very difficult to find a vocal coach able to understand what you want to express without losing your vocal identity. Rasmus has been able to identify my needs immediately and I felt the difference right away after my first session. He is very passionated and involved.

Sara Louise - Women In Rock, Professional session vocalist

Professional Vocalist

Rasmus's approach to teaching is fun, productive and interesting. Being a professional singer myself, my needs were very specific, and Rasmus was able to cater the lesson to suit me. As well as being very hands on and taking me through the physical exercises until I knew them thoroughly, he also offered a lot of background information on the anatomy of my voice, how to connect with it and how to improve upon the way in which I'd been using it.


The information Rasmus gave me during the lesson has been invaluable, helped greatly with my confidence and my general health and well being in relation to my singing. I would highly recommend Rasmus to anyone wishing to make the most of their voice!

Kalle - Mord, Day40

Guitarist, Singer

Ras is a terrific teacher who listens to his students and takes into consideration their needs, abilities and goals. During the three lessons I had with him, I made significant progress and he gave me tools and tips on how to develop even further. I greatly recommend Ras as a vocal coach as not only is he a great teacher but also an extremely inspiring and talented singer.

Ed Thorne

Prefessional musician, Producer and Content Creator

Rasmus has an immensely thorough knowledge and understanding of the vocal anatomy enabling him to identify problem areas quickly. He then has a multitude of tools to help you explore your own vocal technique and quickly make adjustment to improve your singing technique and sound.

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Client Testemonials:

At Raw Vocals this is what you get: raw power, cutting edge tools and knowledge with a massive kick of energy!

Ras is an independent vocal coach based in London with a vast knowledge in the terminology of all the major vocal methodologies as well as currently developing his own method and research. His teaching style is very informative and advanced but extremely efficient. In any case you are bound to get loud, advance fast and have a ton of laughs while opening a Pandoras box of vocal awareness. Once you are aware with the knowledge and tools from Ras you will never hear your voice, singing and other vocalists the same again. 


With his experience between extreme and standard vocal styles your session is customised to access optimal vocal efficiency. Ras teaches at a very advanced level and the sessions are therefore best suited for experienced vocalists who need to tweak their skills and knowledge for their next level. Ras will however also take on committed aspiring vocalists that want to expand their vocal tools to reach a higher level. 


Sessions take place at his home production studio in West London where he can also provide vocal production services including tracking for clients who need to capture the perfect vocal performance. 


So What Will You Need To Know:


  • Sessions are 1hr as standard, but are flexible in case it runs over a bit. 


  • In the session Ras will work with you at an appropriate pace to provide you with the knowledge and tools you might need. The goal of the session or sessions is to tweak and amend your skills and arm you with the tools to become the best vocalist that you can possibly be and an independent learner. It is fundamentally your own responsibility to push your vocal development and maintain your vocal health outside the sessions.  However outside the sessions minor checkups are accepted, within reason, via voice message for feedback, tweaks and advice. So whether you are on tour or life is busy there is always support for your vocal progress.


  • You should also be aware that singing is a physical function which may require hands on instruction to be carried out, which you would need to be okay with. It will however always be carried out with utmost professionalism and respect. 


  • Cancellation: Clients must give a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation of a session. Less than this amount of notice regardless of reason will result in the full cost of the session being charged.

  • Illness: As Ras tours a lot outside of coaching and has other clients it is imperative his own vocal health is maintained as well. Therefore clients must not come to a session ill or with anything contagious etc. In the case of illness the session can take place online if it cannot be rescheduled or is inside the minimum notice period.


For all enquiries regarding group Master Classes or public speaking please get in touch on or via the contacts page.

Session Work & Hired Gun


For vocal session requirements it couldn’t be more efficient at Raw Vocals. With a top of the line studio with Universal Audio Apollo interfaces, UA pre amps, Pro Tools Ultimate and many high end mics you are guaranteed top quality audio recording for your tracks. Ras is a vocal chameleon with vocal skills that range from pop to heavy metal, but can also throw in the oddity such as throat singing or voice over/impressions. His vocal range is high tenor (Roughly G2-C6) with a multitude of textures. If needed there is also melodic whistling (Not flute voice) within just about 3 octaves range.


Vocal production for other singers is also an option if you have a preferred voice or artist you want on your project but need a studio to track in while having the precise ear of a vocal coach to help get the perfect performance nailed down.

Hired Gun

Live music is where Ras’s raw power comes out guns blazing. He is very animated on stage and creates a huge amount of energy in his performance. Bands, artists and management interested can get in touch with any inquiry regarding touring and hired gun applications. 

For Music Production and Composition services please visit the sister site for my studio via the link below.

Get in touch below for any enquiries

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